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Pavlo Klimkin
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Pavlo Klimkin

Ukrainian Diplomat And Politician

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Wiki / Biography

Pavlo Klimkin is an Ukrainian diplomat and politician. Pavlo Klimkin was born on december 25th, 1967 in Kursk. Pavlo Klimkin is 55 years old.


Parliament Of Ukraine

Ukrainian Politician, Economist, And Lawyer


Ukrainian Politician

Ukrainian Politician

An Advisory State Body To The President Of Ukraine

Pro-Russian Politician In Ukraine, Lawyer And Businessman

Ukrainian Government Ministry Responsible For Military And National Defense Matters

Ukrainian Politician

Agency Of The Ukraine Government

Ukrainian Politician, Chairman Of Verkhovna Rada Of Ukraine

Ukrainian Journalist

Ukrainian Television Network

Russian/Ukrainian Journalist And Politician

Ukrainian Journalist And Activist

Former Prime Minister Of Ukraine

Ukraine Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Polish Periodical

The Diplomatic Mission Of The United States In Ukraine

83rd United States Attorney General

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