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Library of Congress
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Library of Congress

(De Facto) National Library Of The United States Of America


Group Of Museums And Research Centers Administered By The United States Government

History Museum In Washington, D.C., A Division Of The Smithsonian Institution


American Public Television Network

American News Magazine

Library System In New York City

Association To Coordinate Promotion And Cooperation Of Libraries And Related Professions

Independent Agency Of The United States Government Which Preserves And Provides Access To Federal Records

Government Body That Maintains Records Of Copyright Registration In The United States Including A Copyright Catalog

Amazon-Owned Social Website And Book Catalog Website

Weekly Review Of Books By The New York Times

Magazine About Libraries (1876-)

Non-Profit Organization In The USA

Law Library Of The United States Congress

American Librarian

Cartographic Division Of The United States Library Of Congress

National Library Of The United Kingdom

American Magazine

British Publishing House

Librarian Of Congress, American Librarian

British National Daily Newspaper

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