Officially a global social index. You can find the social media profiles for all celebrities around the world, in one place. You can also create your profile, if you wish to be listed.
Officially is also a powerful search engine that can help you find the most popular social profiles for nearly every category of individuals or brands : Try Officially Discover to find out more possibilities.
You can create an Officially account in order to bookmark interesting profiles or to create your own profile. Creating one or more profiles is optional, you can use Officially without having a profile, if you want to stay fully anonymous.
Once registered, you will be able to create a profile. Creating a profile will help you getting more visible and get more followers. It will also give your ranking for the tags/topics that you will add.
In order to create a profile, click in the upper right corner, on "Profile(s)", then click on "Add profile". Choose the kind of profile you want to create : For most users, "Human" is the right choice. Finally, add your main social account (preferably Twitter or Instagram).
You should only create one personal profile and link all your social account into this profile.
You can add more profiles for :
  • companies that you manage
  • your pets
  • distinct Youtube channels or Instagram accounts
  • fictional characters that you play
The blue tick approval process is entirely automatic and directly depends on the presence of at least one verified account in your linked social profiles. Add your social profiles and validate ownership when requested in order to let Officially decide if you are eligible.
Here are useful links to policies and verification process for most social networks :
If there is a Wikipedia page dedicated to you, please add it using the "Link" widget :
Your profile should automatically be marked as verified in the next few minutes after adding your social network. If it does not, please try removing the social network and add it again. If you believe that there's a problem, please contact us using Officially official social network accounts (please only post one message, using the social account linked in your Officially profile and give the link to your Officially profile).
In order to remove completely any information concerning your date of birth, set the day or month to an empty value. If you want your birth day to be displayed but not the year of birth nor you age, set the year of birth to an empty value.
You may fill up to seven tags describing your occupation(s) (winger, writer, youtuber, etc.). The more tags you add, the more visible your profile will be. Please add only tags describing your occupation : you should prefer "digital marketer" to "digital marketing". In case of spam (e.g adding the "museum" tag to a person), the tags will be removed by our algorithms and your account might be deactivated.
If you have filled in a country / occupation, your rankings will be displayed under your social profiles. The number displayed before the tag is your rank. 1 means you are the first : there is no other person with more followers for the mentionned tag.
On most social networks, other users know that you are following them. With Officially you can bookmark interesting profiles in order to find them later or to get alerted (in the future) when important changes are happening (social profiles added or removed, etc.). This feature is only accessible to registered users. You don't need to create a profile to use this feature. If you have a profile, your bookmarks will not be displayed anywhere for other users.

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Officially a global VIP social index. You can find social media profiles of celebrities in one place. If you're an artist or influencer, you can create your profile too.

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