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Emmanuel Macron

French Official And Statesman

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Emmanuel Macron is a French investment banker, official, politician and statesperson. He was born on december 21st, 1977 in Amiens. Emmanuel Macron is 44 years old. His father is Jean-Michel Macron and his mother is Françoise Noguès. He has 1 brother (Laurent Macron) and 1 sister (Estelle Macron).
He studied at: He has been married to Brigitte Macron (since 2007). Emmanuel Macron received the following awards:
  • Knight of the Order of the Elephant (2018),
  • Charlemagne Prize (2018),
  • Grand Cross of the National Order of the Lion (2018),
  • Grand Cross with Collar of the Order of the White Rose of Finland (2018),
  • Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour (2017),
  • Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit (2017),
  • Grand Cross of the Order of the Redeemer (2017),
  • Commander of the Order of the British Empire (2014),
  • Grand Officer of the Order of the Southern Cross (2012),
  • Concours général (1994),
  • Order of the Redeemer.
His main social networks are EmmanuelMacron on Twitter, emmanuelmacron on Tiktok, emmanuelmacron on Instagram and EmmanuelMacron on Youtube.

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