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Tom Moore
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Tom Moore

British Military (1920-2021)

Wiki / Biography

Tom Moore was a fundraiser, general manager, manager, philanthropist, soldier and tankman. Tom Moore was born on april 30th, 1920 in Keighley. Tom Moore died on on february 2nd, 2021.


Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom Since 2019

English Broadcaster, Journalist And Writer

English Actor

English Television Presenter And Fashion Model

Welsh Actor

English Comedy And TV Presenting Duo

English Television Personality

British Politician

Television Character

English Television Presenter, Producer, Writer And Comedian

English Broadcaster And Television Personality

Television Series

British Singer And Entertainer

Queen Of The UK, Canada, Australia, And New Zealand, And Head Of The Commonwealth Of Nations

British Survival Reality Television Game Show

Season Of Television Series

Reality Television Franchise

British Civilian Maritime Boatswain Decorated For Bravery Aboard The 'Walmer Castle', On 21 September 1941

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